Thursday, July 19, 2007

After what took longer than I thought it should have (?), I have responded to the challenge of compiling the ten best songs of all time, and what you should be doing while listening to them (aside from seeing them performed live)

(In no particular order)

LA Woman - The Doors (Comes on loud throughout the room as you wake, you scratch yourself in the nether-regions, slide on the leather pants, hop on the old Triumph, and head out on the highway)

More Than A Feeling - Boston (It's dark, there's a pipe and an air guitar involved, the rest is up to you)

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (It's semi-dark and dizzy with a serious mosh and simultaneous peaking occurring)

Carry On My Wayward Sun - Kansas (Driving off in a real-life denouement, the protagonist victorious, in a convertible)

Enter Sandman - Metallica ( iPod - during anything requiring tremendous physical strength, stamina, excluding sex)

Do It Again - Steely Dan (On a moped, with your honey, heading out for a night, somewhere in the Carribean)

Joshua Tree (All) - U2 (On a couch in a dusty record store- vinyl - chillaxin with a fatty, talking music)

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (Lying in a field, tall grass, sky ablaze, slight wind shifting cloud formations)

The Messenger - Daniel Lanois (When you've messed up with your partner and simply must make amends)

The Grace - Neverending White Lights (Upon realizing that you are simply energy and that you can float away from yourself)


thehealingroom said...

The last 2 sound very intriguing...I will have to check them out on Demonoid.

Rockitoomee said...

They are slower , but powerful songs - both have a haunting kind of falsettto harmony to them, makes them otherworldly. You can only pull them out when you need them; )