Saturday, July 08, 2006

So I've been working and working with this brick to balance it over the last few days, for what seems like hours, to no avail. All the while, the process has still been purposeful, intense, meditative, cathartic. Then during our garage sale this weekend, I looked at it again (in between bartering with old ladies over $0.25 or $0.50 for the paperback novels). within fifteen seconds it stuck. Freakish. So all said - a few hours and fifteen seconds, but I like it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Have just finished reading "Breaking Open the Head", by Daniel Pinchbeck. He started a journey as a result of having internalized the modern scientific view of a world lacking a sacred or transcendent dimension."

After seeing "What the Bleep...", after experiencing the death of family members, after connecting with others with psychic abilities, after reading from authors with supposed knowledge from other "realms" (e.g. "Seth", "Abraham" series, Pinchbeck) I have begun a journey towards a different kind of understanding of the world around me - both physical and metaphysical. So far, this journey has produced little in the way of answers, but a wealth of interesting questions. So many disparate sources have been pointing to the "thought creates reality" paradigm.

From "What the Bleep do we Know?" (via Daniel Pinchbeck at

Amit Goswami had a lot of interesting commentary in this film: "Everything in the material world around us are just possible movements of consciousness, and you choose moment to moment out of those movements to bring your actual experience into manifestation - this is the only radical thinking you need to do. It's not easy because of our conditioning (that the world is already out there, independent of our experience) IT'S NOT - Quantum Physics has been so clear about this. Atoms are not things, they are only tendencies. Instead of thinking about things, think of possibilities. Possibilities of consciousness."

Others have argued that the rules being discussed are applicable only at the subatomic level, and can't apply to the macrocosm, but to disregard the possibility is suicidal.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am going to be searching out new stone after we move to our new place. It seems that you can start off with combinations that seem impossible at first, but with patience and intention, it happens. I'm challenging myself with this set when I get the time.