Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, the chaos of buying/selling a home has subsided briefly, and I have snuck out back to stack.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Please scroll down to see photos of recent rock balancing sessions.

Some more from "One River" (Wade Davis) in a chapter referring to the incredible masonry feats of the Peoples of the Andes at the time of the Spanish conquest/genocide.

For the Runkana, the people of the Andes, matter is fluid. Bones are not death, but life crystallized, and thus potent sources of energy, like a stone charged by lightning or a plant brought into being by the sun...when an Inca mason placed his hands on rock, he did not feel cold granite, he sensed life, the power and resonance of the earth within the stone. Its transformation into a perfect ashlar or a block of polygonal masonry was service to the Inca and thus a gesture to the gods, and for such a task, time had no meaning.
If stones were dynamic, it was because they were part of the land...the earth is alive and every wrinkle on the landscape, every hill and outcrop, each mountain and stream has a name and is imbued with ritual significance.